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How long does it take to register a ship?

Registration of ships and yachts lasts an average of 2-3 weeks. In some jurisdictions this process can be reduced to 3 days.

Which documents are required for registration of the ship or yacht?

Photos of the left and right sides may be required. If the vessel is registered in the National Ship Register of Ukraine, it is necessary to provide a certificate of suitability of the vessel for navigation. It is also required an official confirmation that the owner has no mortgage obligations.

It is also needed to submit relevant documents that the owner of the vessel owns it on a legal basis.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

The first reason to contact us is the quality of the services we provide. You can no doubt rely on a whole team of professional accountants, lawyers etc.

The second significant advantage of outsourcing is financial savings. There is no need to hire a full-time specialist, to worry about equipping the workplace, etc.

The remote specialist is no doubt the perfect assistant for your business. The Outsourcers of Consulting Club company efficiently perform business tasks based on your requests. The work of the outsourcing specialist is organized depending on the number of operations, the volume of documents to be analyzed, the number of tasks and other aspects.

Since the activity of an outsourcing, in particular, an accounting company requires work with confidential information, we guarantee the non-disclosure of such information and the preservation of trade secrets in accordance with current legislation. All questions and provisions you are interested in are discussed and entered accordingly into the Agreement.

Today, many companies use outsourcing services in various fields of activity.

For convenience, each client, after consulting with an outsourcing accountant, may choose a suitable option for providing accounting services:

  • comprehensive service
  • partial
  • conducting separate accounting procedures.

For all questions you are interested in you can contact our company specialist. Consulting Club is always glad to cooperate.

How are accounting services provided?

The most acceptable and convenient form of accounting services is accounting outsourcing. The services of a third-party company are provided on the contract basis. In general, this is a set of activities carried out by the relevant organization, aimed at optimizing and improving the business (client). Outsourcing involves long-term or continuous cooperation.

What does “accounting services” mean?

This is the involvement of another company (individual specialists) in the work of accounting processes in order to detect and eliminate financial problems in a particular business, structuring and assistance in organizing finances and workflow processes.

The most rational and strategically correct decision will be to seek the help of professionals. Why is it important?

A company that specializes in providing accounting services as quickly as possible and within the framework of the legislation minimizes management expenses, various risks.

Consulting Club offers accounting services on a remote basis under favorable conditions.

Our company is competent in the following matters:

  • preparing reports on finance and taxation with further assistance in organizing work with them;
  • analysis of the work of the accounting department with the provision of the necessary reports to the head of the company;
  • creating, maintaining tax reports, working directly with the tax service;
  • accounting optimization and tax accounting, payments.
What is a difference between a financial audit and a comprehensive accounting audit?

It is necessary to distinguish between a financial audit and a comprehensive accounting audit. The differences are that the first type of audit presented is much simpler and most importantly faster and cheaper. It allows you to support the development of the company and adjust financial policies.

Accounting and audit services are conducted for the independent examination of various company reports.

Your company growth is our main task that we solve by providing comprehensive and high-quality services.

You can always determine on your own how deeply and in detail you need to evaluate the activities of your company. In accordance with the needs and your requests, you decide what type of audit should be carried out.


Why do you need audit and accounting services?

It is necessary to take into account the fact that audit and accounting of a company is a serious and responsible task, especially when it comes to companies, enterprises registered abroad, or representative offices of companies. It is recommended to be handed over to qualified specialists who know the process from the inside. In this case, the procedure will be quick and efficient for an international company.

Also, the specialists in Consulting Club can help you with all directions that interest you.

Audit and accounting services - this is what will always allow you to:

  • Focus on solving the main issues of your company.
  • Do not search too much for an individual specialist.
  • Be confident in the future of your business.
What are the types of audit?

There are several types of audit:

  • Mandatory audit. This is an financial statements of business entities audit, as well as an audit report, which must be submitted on a mandatory basis. This type of audit is carried out in order to verify the correctness of the accounting records.
  • Internal audit. Internal audit is needed in order to discover new potential prospects for the company's development, as well as to detect possible obstacles.
  • Thematic audit. A kind of internal audit, which implies conducting an audit of only those parties to the financial activities that were specified by the client. It includes the analysis of primary documents for compliance with the law.

Thematic audit is carried out by the method of both comprehensive and partial verification. It should be noted that the results that are displayed in the report can be regarded as a trade secret.

What is important to consider when choosing a bank?

There are basic indicators by which you need to pay attention to when you choose  banks for opening an account by a non-resident company:

Economical situation. The jurisdiction of a particular bank must operate at a high level and have a stable exchange rate.

Reputation. Successful projects, serious customers, affordable conditions.  Our team the best options when choosing a bank abroad.

Bank secrecy. We work only with those banks that follow the conditions of bank secrecy and guarantee the preservation of confidential information.

Work speed. The owner of an company has the opportunity to get online a lot of information. If any data is required urgently, the efficiency of the bank and the speed of processing a personal application will play the main role.

Personal visit of the owner of a non-resident company. For a number of foreign banks, the basic condition is a personal meeting with the client. This information is necessarily taken into account by us.

Storage of a finance capital in an international bank is considered the most acceptable and safe. You can decide which currency you will work with. It is also possible to open multicurrency accounts in an  bank in order to avoid financial risks.

How to create an account abroad?

It is necessary to pay attention to the jurisdiction of a particular bank.. Choosing the jurisdiction of the bank is one of the key points before opening a bank account, because they have some differences. We will help you determine the objectives for a particular jurisdiction.

The whole process of opening an bank account abroad takes about a week. If you decide to open the account yourself, the process may take up to a month or even more. This is another reason why you should rely on experienced lawyers.

What is an non residential account for?

An  account is opened in order to provide services to a non-resident company in the country where it plans to operate.

The purpose of opening and using an account in an offshore bank is to control your own funds, accumulate, transfer and  save. These operations are carried out in a reliable environment.

Also, a bank account may be required by the client for other purposes. Lawyers and consultants of the Consulting Club company will help you to choose a bank, as well as with legal registration of all necessary documents.

We will also help you to decide on the purpose of opening and managing your capital in a bank, eliminating the risks of loss of funds, breach of confidentiality of information, etc.

What about Legal support of the company?

Before registering a company in another country, business owners face a number of issues, one of them is choosing the form of business. It is important to determine the types of activities that will be carried out, the bank where the non-resident company will be served, the number of transactions and other requirements. It is very important to transfer all procedures to competent specialists.

Consulting Club provides registration and legal consulting services for non-resident companies both in Ukraine and abroad. We fully accompany clients in all legal aspects, give recommendations in financial and legal matters, as the process itself is rather lengthy and has a lot of nuances.

Accompanying a company that has decided to expand its business to the international level includes legal, labor and tax consulting, solving international business issues (trade, investment, etc.).

Our lawyers and consultants guarantee: tax risk control; organization and management of transactions, optimization; financial assets protection , tax minimization, control over the compliance of non-resident company documentation with international legal norms and standards, regulation of various disputes.

You receive professional advice in all matters related to the maintenance of a non-resident company in accordance with the law.

What does Bank Account Management mean?

As you know, non resident companies may have many bank accounts abroad.

In addition, the requirements of a particular bank to its customers for registration are becoming more complicated. In order to  open a bank account you need to gather a lot of documents that are required. As a rule, it also needs to spend a lot of temporary resources. There are also banks that put a client’s personal visit as one of the prerequisites, which is also important in some cases.

Therefore, in order to navigate in these and other aspects, we suggest you use the services of the Consulting Club, where experts take pay attention to all the nuances, ensuring reliable support of your company. We are directly involved in the creation of banking forms, the collection of a full documents packages to open a bank account.

Opening a bank (non-resident) account is:

  • Excellent perspective for a companies that manage international operations;
  • the possibility to access to financial resources of  a non-resident company;
  • 100% cash protection against high taxes in the country where the company is registered;
  • Free payments in a convenient currency for the company.

Consulting Club completely incurs all the necessary processes.

You can trust our  professionals.

What are the advantages of non-resident company?

When business owner decides to register his own firm as a non-resident, there are  many opportunities for him to develop his business successfully with minimal tax rates.

For such purposes (trade relations, management, and ownership of real estate), there are a sufficient number of areas with low taxes. We provide professional support for  the process of registering your business in another country, with the most acceptable conditions for you.

Why do you need to cooperate with us?

We find the optimal solution for each company that wants to register or buy a non resident company. By providing these services we abide by the law of the country, where a non-resident company is registered.

Thus, reducing the financial costs of the client.

The business of each client requires an individual approach to companies registration. We select the optimal conditions for the type of activity of a particular company, work with stable jurisdictions, support the client’s business after registration.

We register non-resident companies in the most stable and favorable countries of Europe and the USA, working with trusted representatives.

All documentation passes a full stage of legalization in accordance with established international rules.

When registering a non-resident company, we exclude double tax, minimize the client's expenses at all stages.

In order to buy a company, you need to pay attention to many registration issues  at the international level. Starting with the choice of type of activity, and then - the amount required for the annual payment of fees established by international law. It requires the consultation of competent professionals who will help facilitate the process.

Consulting Consulting company provides qualified assistance to business owners in registering companies abroad, no matter where you are.

We provide support for each client from the beginning to the end, we also help to register any company, trademarks or bank accounts abroad at reasonable prices.

It is also important to consider in which bank the owner of the company plans to be serviced. We take into account all the details and choose a specific bank for a separate business.

Moreover, registration of non-resident companies is one of the best ways to stay high competitive player  in the international market.

What are the stages of a company registration?

In order to go through the full company registration procedure it is required:

  • Collect all the necessary documents.
  • To register  at tax authorities, government agencies.

After that, information about the company needs to be added to the register of financial institutions.

Thus, to receive company profits in the form of dividends, interest, or other payments as a result of its activities (conditioned by the type of activity of the company), a license is also required. You need also to pay  attention to the right choice of the type of company.

The Consulting Club company will become your reliable partner in providing services for companies registering  in Kiev, London or any other country you need, our resident management company specialists accompanying you on each stage of a company registration not only in Ukraine, but also in the United States, United Kingdom, Cyprus etc.

What are prerequisites before registering a company?

In order to complete the entire procedure for registering a non-resident company successfully the owner of the business needs to determine the scope of his company's activities.

The procedure for companies registration requirements:

  • The license is issued.
  • Registration of the license is not required.

In the first case, a company with a license can manage financial capital of individuals by using it as a loan in the future. In addition, this financial company is granted the right to work related to currencies.

In the second case, companies have the right to operate without a license in the following areas: factoring, leasing, etc.

What website is needed for the company?

This service is becoming increasingly popular among our customers. The company's website significantly improves its image, especially if the domain name is registered in the domain zone of the country of incorporation of the company. Domain name registration is required not only for the site. but also for email. The site can be created in any language. The site can be made of any complexity and have individual functionality.

How is email maintained and stored?

As part of the virtual office service, on-line professionals process incoming emails and respond according to the approved protocol. Addresses and email data are located on servers outside the country in which the company is registered. Confidentiality and anonymity of correspondence is provided. You can work with e-mail and have access to information on an encrypted channel from any place in the world.

How is the phone organized in the virtual office?

There are various options: 1) A telephone number in which the company's live secretary answers. 2) Phone forwarding to any phone number in the world. 3) Telephone answering machine - received messages are sent to you by e-mail. 4) Fax, working in automatic mode - received messages are sent to you by e-mail. 5) Answering machine / fax - accepts voice and fax messages, which are sent to you by e-mail. Rooms are available in many major cities around the world. Room rate does not depend on the number of received messages.

How is mail correspondence processed?

We provide real postal addresses and mailboxes in the main business centers of the world. Correspondence sent to the address of the company is immediately or with a given regularity sent to you. Emails can be scanned and forwarded by email.

Where is the virtual office?

A virtual office may be located at the place of registration of the company, or, for example, at the other end of the world, creating the appearance of a representation.

What is the easiest way to go through the process of registering yachts and ships to companies?

Our professional lawyers will help you in all matters relating to this area, and will gladly do everything possible so that you can quickly register a yacht or vessel. Registration of yachts, small boats, ships, sailing yachts.

How to open an account in a foreign bank?

Different banks may have different requirements for the package of documents during registration. There are banks that ask nonresidents only passport, local tax number and mobile phone number. We advise and help to do this without the slightest inconvenience.

What are the advantages of companies registered as non-residents?

Buying a ready-made enterprise or registering your own organization in a low-tax area allows you to get maximum profit. From business and pay less taxes. Significant benefits from such a scheme of work are felt in trade, management, preservation of assets and ownership of real estate. It is for these reasons that non-resident zones are considered global financial centers and attract thousands of business owners from all over the world.

What is a "non-resident company"?

Non-resident companies - that is, enterprises registered outside the country of residence of the owner - have many significant advantages. The process of registration and registration of the organization in such areas is easier and faster. You can be completely sure that all important financial information and information about banking operations are strictly confidential, and your assets are protected.