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Jurisdictions: Seychelles

The benefits of incorporating a company in the Seychelles


⮚ International Business Company (IBC) is completely exempt from taxation, from any currency control and has limited liability;

⮚ there is no need for accounting, submitting the annual report, being audited;

⮚ ease of administering IBC and processing through improved IBC legislation;

⮚ incorporation usually takes place on the same day and usually within 24 hours;

Minimum requirements for registration in the IBC Register of Companies;

Complete anonymity of the beneficial owner;

⮚ The country signed the Hague Convention (1961) for the issuance of Apostilles. .


Basic information about the jurisdiction of Seychelles


Basic information

Official name: Seychelles;

Area: 453 square km;

Population: 82,000;

State language: English, Creole, French;

Currency unit: Seychelles Rupee (SCR);

Religion: Catholicism;

Capital: Victoria.

Type of Company

International Business Company

Company Law


Permitted activities

Any activity not prohibited by law. Special license for banking, insurance, reinsurance, trust services is required.

Restriction of commercial activities

Doing business with residents of the Seychelles. Owning real estate in the Seychelles.

Currency control


Treaties on avoiding dual taxation

UK, Caribbean community.

Share capital

There are no established requirements. Usually the share capital is $ 5,000.


Bearer shares are allowed.


At least one natural or legal person. Management of shares by proxy is authorized.


At least one physical or legal person. There are no requirements for nationality and citizenship.


There is no income tax for international business companies, just like any other taxes, with the exception of an annual fee of $ 100.

Registered Office / Agent



* This information is informative, its use in practice requires additional advice on your individual business situation.