Registration of ships and yachts

Registration of ships and yachts

Rights to own ships No difficulties for the client with rights transfers.

In this case will be offered shares of an offshore company for sale, not the vessel, or yacht itself. This will give client the opportunity to save the name of the owner in the registry, and not to change it in order to avoid bureaucratic procedures.

Risks minimizationAvoiding risks of risks when using a vessel, yacht.

Consulting Club helps to avoid risks, including financial ones, in the process of using a vessel or a yacht. In addition, information confidentiality  will enable the client not to deal with issues related to litigation in the future.

Tax payments minimizationMinimizing tax payments for a client company.

By registering an offshore boat, or any other water transport, you can significantly minimize tax charges. Offshore jurisdictions can often provide various preferential conditions for the registration of a sea vessel, or yacht.

Ships Registration Services

A large number of offshore companies are created to carry out financial, trading or holding activities. Another advantage of owning an offshore company is registration of yachts and ships to an offshore company.

Each registration of a yacht or ship is a particular process, influenced by many factors. Therefore, each client  needs an individual approach. Consulting Club company will help you to complete all the necessary procedures successfully  and will become a reliable assistant in solving any issues.

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Questions and answers about the service

Which documents are required for registration of the ship or yacht?

Photos of the left and right sides may be required. If the vessel is registered in the National Ship Register of Ukraine, it is necessary to provide a certificate of suitability of the vessel for navigation. It is also required an official confirmation that the owner has no mortgage obligations.

It is also needed to submit relevant documents that the owner of the vessel owns it on a legal basis.

How long does it take to register a ship?

Registration of ships and yachts lasts an average of 2-3 weeks. In some jurisdictions this process can be reduced to 3 days.