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Jurisdictions: Estonia

Basic information about the jurisdiction of Estonia


Type of company

OU (Limited Liability Company)


● Undistributed profits tax - 0%

● Tax on profit distribution - 20%

● Tax on repatriation of dividends and interest - 0%

● Royalty repatriation tax - 10%

● Value Added Tax - 20%


Annual report - within 6 months from the moment of yearly closure. VAT report - by the 20th day of the month following the reporting month


● Corporate income tax is paid only when dividends are paid to the founders

● Convenient for small and start-up companies that do not immediately pay dividends

● Possibility to open an account in the country of incorporation with payments in USD

● EU jurisdiction outside the list of TP

● Respectable jurisdiction without offshore status

● Possibility to conduct real business, the Russian-speaking population

● There is a company tax number

● Available budget



International treaties

57 contracts, including with Ukraine

Features of company registration

The possibility of remote registration of the company (without departure)


Minimum 1, natural or legal person


Minimum 1

Share capital

2,500 euros, you need not pay if the founder is an individual


No apostilization of documents is required for work with Ukraine

Opening an account

It is possible to open an account in European banks.

To open an account in Estonia you need to conduct a real business.


* This information is informative, its use in practice requires additional advice on your individual business situation.