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Jurisdictions: Cyprus*

Basic information about the jurisdiction of Cyprus


Legal form

Limited Liability Company


At least 1 (one) shareholder: natural or legal person - residents of any country;


At least 1 director: natural or legal person –


residents of any country;


A natural person, a resident of any country

Share capital

No minimum size and payout requirements.

Capital tax



Shares can be only registered

Company Registry

Information about directors, shareholder, secretary is public.


Information about beneficiary is closed

Annual registry duty

EUR 350


Corporation tax - 12.5% ​​on total world income



Defence tax

17% for dividends (under certain conditions), 30% for interest income (under certain conditions)

Taxation of interest

Incoming interest on profit is subject to a standard rate of 12.5%, provided that getting such income is the main activity of the company.

If getting interest is not the main activity, then incoming interest on profit is subject to a 30% tax on defense.

Dividend taxation

Incoming and outgoing dividends are not taxable in Cyprus.

The exception is the fulfillment of two conditions simultaneously:

- more than 50% of the gross income of the company paying

dividends directly or indirectly are derived from investment



- effective tax burden of the company distributing dividends is significantly less than the tax burden of the company receiving dividends.


In this case, dividends are subject to a 17% defense tax.

Royalty taxation

According to the provisions of the law, eighty percent (80%) of the profits from the use of the objects of intellectual property (including compensation for illegal use), as well as 80% of the profits from the sale of such objects is considered as an expense for the purposes of



An expense of 80% reduces profits, after deducting all direct costs, including depreciation, interest on loans raised for the acquisition and development of objects of intellectual property, as well as other direct expenses

Tax on repatriation from Ukraine

- Dividends - 5% if the parent company owns at least 20% or invested at least 100,000 euros, 15% in other cases;

- Interest on loans - 2%;


- Royalty - 5% when using copyright to scientific works, patents, trademarks, secret formulas, processes or information regarding industrial or scientific experience


● Developed legal system

● Flexible taxation

● EU country

● Extensive experience working with non-residents, customer focus

● Price-quality

● Ability to realize the real substance

● Ability to open an account in the country of incorporation

● Ease of working with documents and registration procedures

● Developed sector for registration and maintenance of companies and trusts.


The audit report and tax returns are filed once a year for the period from 01.01 to 31.12.



* This information is informative, its use in practice requires additional advice on your individual business situation.