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Jurisdictions: Georgia

Basic information about the jurisdiction of Georgia


Taxation for this jurisdiction

  • 0% - undistributed profits tax
  • 15% tax on the distribution of profits
  • 5% - dividends tax
  • 20% income tax

Types of companies

LLC from the free trade zone FIZ

LLC (local)

JSC (joint-stock company)

Registry in Georgian

International treaties

Over 66, including Ukraine

Where to open a bank account?

Bank of Georgia, TBC

Is it necessary to go to the opening of the company and for whom?

Director, founder


Possibility to open an account, work in dollars


Type of Company

LLC from the free trade zone in Kutaisi FIZ


● Zero income tax rate,

● There is no withholding tax on dividend payments, incl. offshore

● No import tax for goods shipped through FIZ

● There is no tax on real estate located in the territory of FIZ

● Salary taxes are paid by employees, not by the company.

When working with Georgian companies, taxation is standard.

VAT rate and how to get?

● No VAT when working inside FIZ

Is there a tax number?


Share capital (is it necessary to pay?)

No restrictions


At least1 shareholder. No residency restrictions

Governing body

At least 1 member. No residency restrictions


The reporting period for companies of all forms of ownership is the calendar year from January 1 to December 31.

Financial annual reports are filed up before: October 1 of the year following the reporting year.

Tax annual reports are filed up before: October 1 of the year following the reporting year.


Requirements depend on the category of the enterprise, and it in turn is determined on the basis of the value of the assets, the income of the enterprise and the number of employees. There are 5 categories.

Our clients (mostly) fall into the 4th category.

What are the criteria for an enterprise belonging to the 4th category?

Fourth category companies

• The total value of assets does not exceed 1 million LARI (eq $ 408,000)

• Revenues do not exceed 2 million LARI (eq $ 816,000)

• The average number of employees for the reporting period does not exceed 10 people

The company must meet at least two of the three criteria at the end of the reporting period.

General meeting

No requirements

Liquidation procedure

According to Georgian legislation, the closing procedure is not so simple:

- The decision on liquidation is taken by the meeting of partners (partner) of the company and submitted to the public register;

- If the company had at least some operations, then the company will be checked by the revenue office / tax authority;

- If the company has debts to creditors or tax authority, liquidation is impossible and the company will have to be bankrupted through the courts.


* This information is informative, its use in practice requires additional advice on your individual business situation.