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Jurisdictions: British Virgin Islands

Basic information about the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands


The country consists of approximately 40 different islands and is located in the Caribbean. Road Town is the capital located on the largest island of the archipelago - Tortola. The population of the state is 23 thousand people.

The state currency is represented by the US dollar; there is no currency control in the country.


Tax system of the British Virgin Islands


In tax relations, the jurisdiction differs from the rest by administrative simplicity and loyalty to tax payers: non-resident companies are exempted from any taxes in full, with the exception of the annual payment; such organizations do not need to be audited, there is a control over the fulfillment by the companies of their obligations under the financial statements, as well as the primary accounting documentation. In fact, the organization should not file reports, but the company should formally maintain accounting records in a simplified form.


* This information is informative, its use in practice requires additional advice on your individual business situation.