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Jurisdictions: Northern Ireland LP and LTD

Basic information about the jurisdiction of Northern Ireland

When registering a company in this jurisdiction, you must have a registration address. No shareholder meeting is required every year. Information about partners will be available to all. In the case of non-commercial activities of offshore in Northern Ireland (partnership) in the territory of the UK State, the partnership is not required to file financial statements. If partners are non-residents of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, then the partnership’s activities are not subject to income taxation. Each partner must pay tax at their place of residence.

Benefits of incorporating a company in Northern Ireland

  • Stability in the economic and political spheres
  • There is no currency control
  • LPs do not undergo audit and financial reporting procedures subject to special conditions
  • Jurisdiction Ireland is not included in the Ukrainian list of offshore zones


* This information is informative, its use in practice requires additional advice on your individual business situation.