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Jurisdictions: Costa Rica

Basic information about the jurisdiction of Costa Rica


Based on the tax laws of the Costa Rica jurisdiction, income from sources outside the jurisdiction is not taxable.

Offshore income of a registered company located in Costa Rica is exempt from taxation.

When managing a company from the territory of Costa Rica, foreign currency funds are transferred to a bank account in the state, the income of the organization will be considered income in the territory of the country of Costa Rica, and the company is subject to income taxation.


Taxation in Costa Rica


In the jurisdiction there are no taxes on capital gains and property inheritance.

The tax is paid on income received from local sources (in the territory of jurisdiction). Organizations, whose activities fall under the laws of the free zone, are exempt from taxation. There are 12 free zones in Costa Rica, where companies engaged in export business, the shipbuilding industry, the delivery of goods for export, the processing of export decoctions, and the protection of the environment carry on business.


* This information is informative, its use in practice requires additional advice on your individual business situation.