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Advantages of registration a company in Estonia

An Estonian company has many advantages, one of the most important: income tax is 0% if the profit is not paid in the form of dividends, the only caveat, the profit from Estonia will need to be transferred to the EU countries (the company will have to be able to get a residency certificate , if…

Belarus has the opportunity to quickly open transaction accounts

At present, Belarus has the opportunity to quickly open transaction accounts for clients recognized by shell companies and who have difficulty opening accounts in the EU as well as for any other jurisdictions.


Alternative for work with PNB Banka

According to situation at PNB (Norvik) Banka, we suggest you consider it as an alternative for work and in order to collect the balances with PNB Banka (who did not have a 2nd account), we suggest you to  consider several options:

AS "PNB Banka" suspends financial transactions

We inform you that in accordance with the decision of the Finance and Capital Market Commission of Latvia, from 21:00 on August 15, 2019 AS "PNB Banka" will suspend financial transactions.

Updated Law “On Currency and Foreign Exchange Transactions”: the impact of innovations on the currency regulation system in Ukraine

Today, the currency regulation system in Ukraine is in the process of reforming. Since February 7, 2019 all issues arising in this field have been regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Currency and Foreign Exchange Transactions”, which significantly optimizes currency control for both Ukrainian…

Accounting Services

Effective accounting services in any company is one of the main factors of successful and business growth, which subsequently guarantees positive reputation.

Each business owner has the right to independently decide how to manage accounting and how to control all financial processes.

There are two…

Audit Services

Consulting Club is a community of professional lawyers, auditors, and accountants whose main aim is to effectively provide our clients with the services that are required for the successful establishment and management of a company abroad:

  • Creation of a non-resident (offshore) company

  • Lega…

Choose perfect service option

It is possible to choose an individual option to provide accounting services for a client.

Workflow optimization

Continuous improvement in optimizing the organization’s working methods

Non-disclosure of confidential information

Work with confidential customer data, non-disclosure of information