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What is important to consider when choosing a bank?

There are basic indicators by which you need to pay attention to when you choose  banks for opening an account by a non-resident company:

Economical situation. The jurisdiction of a particular bank must operate at a high level and have a stable exchange rate.

Reputation. Successful projects, serious customers, affordable conditions.  Our team the best options when choosing a bank abroad.

Bank secrecy. We work only with those banks that follow the conditions of bank secrecy and guarantee the preservation of confidential information.

Work speed. The owner of an company has the opportunity to get online a lot of information. If any data is required urgently, the efficiency of the bank and the speed of processing a personal application will play the main role.

Personal visit of the owner of a non-resident company. For a number of foreign banks, the basic condition is a personal meeting with the client. This information is necessarily taken into account by us.

Storage of a finance capital in an international bank is considered the most acceptable and safe. You can decide which currency you will work with. It is also possible to open multicurrency accounts in an  bank in order to avoid financial risks.