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What does Bank Account Management mean?

As you know, non resident companies may have many bank accounts abroad.

In addition, the requirements of a particular bank to its customers for registration are becoming more complicated. In order to  open a bank account you need to gather a lot of documents that are required. As a rule, it also needs to spend a lot of temporary resources. There are also banks that put a client’s personal visit as one of the prerequisites, which is also important in some cases.

Therefore, in order to navigate in these and other aspects, we suggest you use the services of the Consulting Club, where experts take pay attention to all the nuances, ensuring reliable support of your company. We are directly involved in the creation of banking forms, the collection of a full documents packages to open a bank account.

Opening a bank (non-resident) account is:

  • Excellent perspective for a companies that manage international operations;
  • the possibility to access to financial resources of  a non-resident company;
  • 100% cash protection against high taxes in the country where the company is registered;
  • Free payments in a convenient currency for the company.

Consulting Club completely incurs all the necessary processes.

You can trust our  professionals.