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What about Legal support of the company?

Before registering a company in another country, business owners face a number of issues, one of them is choosing the form of business. It is important to determine the types of activities that will be carried out, the bank where the non-resident company will be served, the number of transactions and other requirements. It is very important to transfer all procedures to competent specialists.

Consulting Club provides registration and legal consulting services for non-resident companies both in Ukraine and abroad. We fully accompany clients in all legal aspects, give recommendations in financial and legal matters, as the process itself is rather lengthy and has a lot of nuances.

Accompanying a company that has decided to expand its business to the international level includes legal, labor and tax consulting, solving international business issues (trade, investment, etc.).

Our lawyers and consultants guarantee: tax risk control; organization and management of transactions, optimization; financial assets protection , tax minimization, control over the compliance of non-resident company documentation with international legal norms and standards, regulation of various disputes.

You receive professional advice in all matters related to the maintenance of a non-resident company in accordance with the law.