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Belarus has the opportunity to quickly open transaction accounts

At present, Belarus has the opportunity to quickly open transaction accounts for clients recognized by shell companies and who have difficulty opening accounts in the EU as well as for any other jurisdictions.

We work with various Belarusian banks, but the main partners are BELVEB and BTA BANK.
Tariffs BTA in the application.
Link to BelVEB tariffs -

Pluses of Belarusian banks:

∙ Adequate compliance control when opening an account

∙ Belarus at the moment has not joined the automatic exchange of information;

∙ Ability to open an account in any jurisdiction, including offshore;

∙ Low cost of maintenance

∙ Possible settlements in US dollars

∙ You can open accounts of new companies without a history;

∙ You can open accounts for the high-risk industry (forex, cryptocurrency, etc.)

∙ Accept customers of ABLV and Norvik Banka

Cons of Belarus banks:

∙ Notarized translation of documents into Russian is required

∙ A visit of an authorized person is required to sign banking forms

∙ The charter and registration certificate must be apostilled

∙ CGS required for all jurisdictions, including with online register

∙ authorization of payments in the Internet bank requires binding to a specific computer on which the corresponding software of the Bank is installed.

The cost of opening an account you can get to know from our manager, including translation costs, notary fees and a joint visit to the bank.

The order of interaction:

Step 1: We collect the following information and documents:

∙ KYC form (attached)

∙ scanned copies of corporate documents of the company specified in KYC

∙ copies of beneficiary passports

∙ copies of passports of denominations and their addresses

Step 2: Preparation by us of documents for submission to the Bank

∙ notarized translation of corporate documents and passports into Russian

∙ filling out the necessary bank forms and sending them for preliminary acceptance to the Bank

Step 3: Review of documents by the Bank

∙ in case of receiving an acceptance of the Bank - payment for our services

∙ in case of Bank refusal, we submit documents to other Belarusian banks (list on request)

Step 4: Agreed customer visit dates

Step 5: Customer support during a visit to the Bank

∙ the client receives account details and controls on the day of the visit


∙ Receive an acceptance from the Bank up to 2 weeks from the date of submission of a full package of documents.  Contact us to get more information.