Welcome to Consulting Club!

We specialize in solutions for non-resident companies.

Registration and support of non-resident companies. Choosing a bank and opening accounts. Audit and financial reporting of companies of any form of ownership. Registration of ships and yachts in the ship registry. Website development and virtual office operation.

Why choose Us.Because we are strong and stable.

Our traditions in working methods give each client what they expect. Everyone who came to us, stayed with us until today.

Our Mission.The bridge to your success.

Our mission in professionalism with concrete services is to become the bridge to your success.

What we Do.We make our customers successful.

We are pleased with the success of our partners. Consulting club - successful communication between partners. The success of our clients in working with successful.

"Consulting club - connecting success"

Registration of non-resident companies

The registration procedure for a non-resident company. The advantages of this service for your business.


Financial statements. Business operations and transactions. Information about the accounting documentation.

Virtual Office

Service "virtual" office. Site creation. Processing correspondence. Electronic correspondence. Direct phone number and fax.

Maintenance of non-resident companies

Representing clients in government. Contract development. Consideration (preparation) of complaints.


Audited statements. Collection, evaluation and subsequent analysis of audit evidence.

Registration of ships and yachts

Legal signs of the vessel (flag, nationality, registration and identification). Registration in the ship registry.

What Clients say?

Very responsible and punctual employees of the company. We had a full understanding with them.

Mark Portman Portman Trading Inc.

They explained the situation very competently, talked about the future and took on the work of registering our yachts. Thank you for your professionalism, we hope for your experience.

Liza Richards Strategy at BRT Capital Management

Several years of cooperation helped mutual success. She made recommendations to several acquaintances and they also use the services of a consulting club.

Megan Hansley Managing Director at DarcBays

I work with the company on many issues. I registered a company and get support in two countries. I especially want to mention the service of the "virtual" office. A very high quality website and professional communication support.

Eduardo Felix Foreign trade